How To Stay Healthy In An Infection Filled World

How To Stay Healthy In An Infection Filled World

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As a healthcare practitioner for over 42 years, I have never experienced anything like we are seeing today related to infections and illnesses.  We deal with four main infections.  Bacterial, viral, candida, and parasitic.  At the present time we are seeing a pandemic like we haven’t seen for years and years. This virus, like all other viral infections, is mutating and forming similar viral infections from its original SARS Virus. We are hearing basically four things that we can do to help protect us from this infection. Wash your hands, social distance, where a mask, and take a vaccine. Although there is a time and place for each of these, I would like to give you five things you can do starting today that will help protect and defend yourself from this and other strong viruses to come.

  1. DRINK ENOUGH GOOD WATER  It is recommended that women drink 80 ounces of water a day and men drink 120 ounces of water a day. I am not talking just drinking any water. Normal city tap water as over 200 contaminants even after it goes through the city’s filtration system. Although filters are beneficial, I recommend reverse osmosis water. These can be purchased for under $200 and placed under your sink and virtually remove all contaminants including bacteria. It is so beneficial to continue to drink good water as we are on toxic overload in our country. Our bodies are amazing in detoxing, from normal kidney and liver function as well as our largest clan in the body being our skin working hard to rid ourselves of unwanted chemicals, toxins, and fake hormones. But our body is having a harder time keeping up with all the toxins so please up the water to the ounces mentioned above and detoxification processes will perform more efficiently.
  2. POOP EVERY DAY Yes you heard it right!  You should have one or two bowel movements each day to help continue in the detoxification process and help the body’s ability to absorb proper nutrients and be able to utilize them. If you have difficulty with bowel movements, then you must initiate ways to help. The first thing you must do is to slow your eating. The average chew time in America is three choose before swallowing. That put your body in a state of fight or flight and will totally shut down your digestive track making it unable to absorb proper nutrients and drastically slows the movement of fiber, nutrient absorption, and peristalsis. Put the fork down after chewing 10 times before swallowing and then work your way up to 20 times chewing before swallowing to optimize absorption and move towards better health. Continue to drink water in the ounces mentioned above while also getting up and moving regularly. For stubborn balls, magnesium is a safe mineral to take as we are depleted of magnesium especially after eating sugar in our diet.
  3. CHECK YOUR WEIGHT Prevalence of obesity in the United States is increasing each year. In the year 2000 there were 30.5% of the population considered obese. This year in 2021 it is 42.7% of our population are considered obese and 9.2% are considered severely obese. Half of the US population is projected to have obesity by 2030. On average, Jen Z adults who reported undesired weight gain since the start of the epidemic gain 28 pounds, while among millennial’s the average was 41 pounds. One in 10 adults in the United States have diabetes while the majority of those are considered obese. There are numerous diets, but the ones I prefer the ones that will keep you healthy like the Mediterranean diet, or that will help you lose weight quicker, but I don’t recommend to stay on it forever, are diets like the ketone diet. Please pay attention to my number four and five recommendations ‘how to stay healthy in an infection filled world.’
  4. REDUCE INFLAMMATORY AND TOXIC FOODS You hear many people talk about carrying water weight. To some extent this is true as we have so many inflammatory foods that will not only make you retain water but will make you retain toxins and chemicals contributing to an untold amount of illnesses and diseases. The top five inflammatory foods in this order to reduce or completely cut out our wheat, corn, dairy, sugar, and soy. You can see by this list there are three out of the five that are grains. They are all inflammatory omega six fatty acids which will not only make you hurt and increase your risk of disease because of making the body so acidic, but will help feed infections in the body. Sugar, being a lifeless food with no nutrient value for my stone even needed, feeds viral infections quicker than anything I have ever seen and makes the infection last three times longer. While this list of inflammatory foods is a conversation on its own, it will be hard for your body to defend if you continue to eat the big five inflammatory foods. Each one of these five contain an enormous amount of toxins and chemicals that hamper the detox pathways in our bodies from working correctly.
  5. EXERCISE AND RELAXATION I grouped these two together because it’s part of keeping our body and balance to help us defend against the strong infections we face each day. We need movement each day to help the body utilize blood sugar so we don’t develop diabetes. By increasing cardio it helps to increase blood oxygen which helps to nourish and replenish the cells and tissues in the body. Exercise helps the body’s immune system and helps prevent excess weight gain and maintain weight loss. Exercise helps diminish anxiety and depression and helps to slow down and prevent arthritis. It helps mood and promotes better sleep. Relaxation helps lower blood pressure, improves digestion, reduces activity of stress hormones, increases blood flow to major muscles, slows breathing, helps maintain normal blood sugar levels. Each of us need to take three pauses during the day to help regroup and gather our thoughts.

We have been given an amazing immune system. The power that made the body heals the body. If we do the five things above it will help the immune system work the way it was designed to work. It never ceases to amaze me how the body can adapt to so many detrimental things from toxins, chemicals, fake hormones, lack of exercise and sleep, stress, obesity, lack of water, fast eating, and consistently putting food into our bodies that really aren’t food at all. It is what I call fillers without nutrient value.  Do any or all of the five steps mentioned above will help surprise you how the body will recover, heal, and function closer to normal. Give your body a chance. It wants any help you can give, and it will pay dividends if you do. Believe me when I say these five steps will go a lot farther helping you fight and defend against the nasty infections bombarding us versus just washing your hands, social distancing, vaccines, and masks.


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