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Most people searching for nutrition services in Waterloo have trouble finding a program that works for them. After all, it's not easy to escape the sugar and carbohydrates present in many food products that populate the shelves of grocery stores. However, the notoriety that some macronutrients have is largely undeserved. In reality, carbohydrates are necessary for your continued health. The real challenge is deciphering the food labels and figuring out which carbs are right for you.

Nutritional Counseling in Waterloo

The food and beverages you consume can have a large impact on the way you feel, perform, and live. To achieve your optimal health, it's important to analyze your eating habits with the help of a trained professional.

At Vanderloo Chiropractic, we offer a variety of services for a healthy you, including individual nutrition counseling. Come see us today to create a personalized nutrition plan.

Your Nutrition Plan

Poor nutrition can affect every aspect of your life, from the way your skin feels to how well you sleep. To stabilize and improve your health, we start with an evaluation of your current eating habits and your nutritional needs.

We interview each patient to determine if he or she has any special nutritional considerations. We may consider medical conditions, such as diabetes or high blood pressure, and general concerns, such as lack of energy, history of overeating, or frequent feelings of hunger.

Once we understand your current situation, we may ask about your health goals such as weight loss or increased muscle mass.

Our team then creates a personalized and highly structured nutrition plan that accommodates your needs and empowers you to reach your goals.

We provide you with a wide range of health food suggestions to help you enjoy staying on track. Your plan may also include recommendations for supplements and vitamins that can enhance the effectiveness of your new approach to nutrition.

Your Ideal Health

At Vanderloo Chiropractic, we take a multi-discipline approach to wellbeing. Our doctors have years of experience treating and advising patients to help them achieve a better state of health. We work with patients of all ages so you can feel energized and confident at any stage of life.

Contact us today to add a nutritional counseling session to your next appointment in our Waterloo, IA, office.


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