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Hear what some of our patients have to say about Vanderloo Chirorpactic!


"I have no more dizziness and my lower back feels better, hips seem more stable, and neck and shoulders feel better!  I am able to play with my granddaughter better.  I am happier and feel more awake and energized!  Dr. Vanderloo and Dr. Wattier and the staff are ready to help you feel your best whenever you are ready to live a better and healthier life.  A friendly, patient oriented practice!" -Karen       


"I feel 100% better!!  I am now walking and standing straight again without pain.  It has changed everything because I can now do my old activities again.  The doctors and staff are great, fun, and friendly."  -Viola 


"When I leave Dr. Vanderloo's office I can walk better and I have less problems with my knees. 
He is very caring and shows a lot of interest in your needs.  He lets you know how important these treatments are for a healthier life."  -Eular 


"It has certainly helped me a lot. I think he's a wonderful Doctor who really knows this business and is a very nice and dedicated man.  I would recommend them to anyone!"  -Ann

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